A Candlestick Unguentarium

Eastern Mediterranean, 2nd-3rd cent. A.D.

H. 13.5 cm

Light greenish, translucent glass

Formerly Coll. P. Martens, The Netherlands, formed between 1974- 1984

A Cup

Eastern Mediterranean, 2nd-3rd cent. A.D.

10.5 cm

Colourless glass

Formerly Collection Edward and Rosalie Ginsberg, Cleveland, OH, acquired in Israel during the late 1960s-1970s

A Bottle

Islamic, 6th-8th cent. A.D.

H. 11 cm

Light blue glass with white and yellow inclusions

Formerly Collection John J. Slocum (1914-1997) who collected most of his antiquities while serving as US cultural attaché to Egypt in the 1960s. Later, he served as Assistant to the Director of the Smithsonian, was appointed by President Reagan to the Presidential Cultural Property Advisory Committee, and was a Trustee Emeritus of the Archaeological Institute of America