A Levantine Bronze Helmet

Levant, 6th cent. B.C.

H. 19.6 cm W. 17 cm


Formerly with Robert Deutsch, Archaeological Center, Israel. Likely a river find. Accompanied by Israeli Export License

A Boss Of Shield (Umbo)

Germania, 2nd cent. B.C.-1st cent. A.D.

D. 13.5 cm


Formerly priv. coll., South Germany; acquired on the French art market in the 1980's

A Left Lower Arm Of A Bronze Statuette

Eastern Mediterranean, Roman, 2nd- 4th cent. A.D.

L. 21.5 cm

Bronze (hollow-cast)

Formerly with a Licensed Dealer, Mr. I. H., Jerusalem

A Female Bust

Roman, 2nd cent. A.D.

H. 14.2 cm. W. 9.2 cm


Old label: "Auktion Hoving&Winborg 29.9.1917 Tillhört Prof. G. Retzius". Attachment from a luxury chariot or a boat. With Hoving & Winborg, Stockholm, Auction sale 29.09.1917, lot 964.

A Double Spiral Ornament

Danubian region, 1st half of Late Bronze Age, ca. 14th-12th cent. B.C.

L. 15.1 cm


Formerly Swiss priv. coll. Dr. R. H. (1922-2007)