11 – 16 June 2019

Tote Bewegen

Joint exhibition with Galerie Jocelyn Wolff & Galerie Gregor Podnar

Solo-show: Francisco Tropa

The German title of this project defies translation as it plays on the double meaning of the words “Tote bewegen”: physically moving the dead and being emotionally moved by them. The archaeologist who excavates a site containing human remains carefully moves the dead – according to the modern rites of science and scholarship – to their new resting place in the excavation depot or a museum. The dead themselves have the power to move those they have left behind. With ritual objects and actions humans attempt to overcome the enormity and incomprehensibility of death. In his artistic oeuvre, Francisco Tropa thematises this profound human need. His investigation into the finite nature of human existence is characterised by the interaction with objects, thus introducing the dimension of temporality. Tropa’s artistic work will be juxtaposed with funerary objects from Antiquity.Jean-David Cahn
When Jean-David Cahn asked me to add another chapter to our series of collaborative exhibitions, it appeared to be natural to invite Francisco Tropa. In his latest show at Foundation Gulbenkian, The Pyrgus from Chaves, Francisco Tropa used a recently discovered Roman dice box as the starting point for his artistic reflections. His work is in a constant dialogue with archaeology, literature and the history of art. For the exhibition at the Cahn Gallery, a selection of allegorical works by Francisco Tropa will be displayed alongside archaeological objects selected by both the artist and Jean-David Cahn, to establish new connections between the old and the new, objects from daily life and works of art. Our aim is to offer the viewer a dynamic reading of archaeological objects, thanks to the subtle and sensitive analysis of a major contemporary sculptor. Jocelyn Wolff