A Votive Phallos

Italic, 4th-2nd cent. B.C.

D. 21.7 cm

Tufa with volcanic inclusions

Formerly Erotika Collection Christian von Faber-Castell, Kusnacht ZH, Switzerland

Left Hand Of A Colossal Statue

Roman, 1st-2nd cent. A.D.

L. 28 cm


Formerly Paris priv. coll., since the 1970s

A Rare Cosmetic Vessel in the Form of a Shell

Graeco-Roman, ca. 2nd-1st cent. B.C. or later

L. 15 cm. H. 8.8 cm


Formerly priv. coll. London, acquired ca. 1979. Thereafter Rupert Wace, Ltd., London. Label with inv. no. "17341" on the underside